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Top Secrets of Gambling Slots Online

26. November 2020

Top Secrets of Gambling Slots Online

Many real money casino enthusiasts have been studying the secrets of slots spiele for years in order to be the most successful at gambling. Slots are one of the most popular and demanded entertainment these days. Hundreds of thousands and millions of people around the world spend a huge amount of time playing slot machines every day. This is not only exciting but also profitable.

Top Secrets of Gambling Slots Online

Internet slots have replaced stationary slot machines; they managed to occupy their niche in the gambling entertainment market quite quickly for several reasons:

  • an ability to play at any time of the day and in any place with Internet access;
  • a large percentage of payments;
  • a huge selection of entertainments, including traditional and unique novelties from foreign and domestic creators;
  • convenient ways to withdraw money;
  • around-the-clock support service capable of providing detailed information on any question of interest.

With the help of online casino slots, you can get big winnings; you just need to know a few secrets.

Secrets of Gambling the Most In-demand Slots

Crazy Monkey

Here are some secrets of Crazy Monkey slot machines for curious users. In the bonus game, at the maximum bet, you can put a helmet on a monkey and become the owner of the insurance. When a player has a bonus, he must guess five ropes. If the monkey pulls the correct rope, a banana falls on it, if not, brick and the user loses. To win, you need to pull the ropes in the following sequence: 1-3-5-4-2 or 1-2-3-4-5. Then, the player enters the second stage, where he is asked to guess one correct table of the two. If the user makes the right choice, the multiplier by which the prize will be increased will be the maximum. To win, you should select the table on the left.


The resident is one of the most popular slots of our time, which has been pleasing real money lovers for quite a long time. This device has its own unique secrets, with the help of which it will not be difficult to win.

If the user’s bet exceeds ten credits, and the number of lines is more than two, in the bonus game with safes, the user is provided with a saving fire extinguisher. This is great insurance. Moreover, the bonus can be passed very easily if you keep up to the following rules: first, open the leftmost safe, then (after five seconds), the rightmost safe. If the user follows the rules, he will have only two closed safes and a fire extinguisher, which can save the player in any case and help him get into the super game.


At the mention of the Gaminator slot machines, various associations arise with secrets, riddles, and interesting additional features that the developers could add to the game. The secrets of the Gaminator slot machine are based on bonus games like, for example, in the Book of Ra slot.

There is also The Money Game, where the player must set the MAXBET to nine hundred credits. They play at a stake of nine lines x 1 bet. The bonus appears soon. Next, you need to open the door and press MAXBET. We close the door (continue to press MAXBET at this time) and turn on free games. In the end, the bonus is at the highest bet.

In the game for doubling, you can hold down the GAMBLE button. Often, this allows you to increase the amount to the maximum.

Fruit Сocktail

Fruit Cocktail is a traditional slot machine with five reels and nine lines. It has high-quality graphics, colorful and vivid images, the most user-friendly interface, as well as an additional ability to hit a big jackpot.

There is a little trick here that will help the Internet user win as often as possible. In order for the game to be successful and profitable, you need to keep up to the following instructions: set 5 bets 6 times on 3 lines, then set 10 bets 3 times on the first line and 5 bets 1 time on the ninth line. This secret works in most cases.

Book of Ra

These are legendary slots spiele, fans of which are thousands of people. The secret of the Book of Ra slot, like most slots, lies in the bonus game.

Unfortunately, for many players, the launch of the prize round is a mystery. In fact, everything is quite simple. To enjoy the bonus game, you need to wait for three identical symbols – books – to appear on the reels. And in order for them to please the user as soon as possible, it is necessary to play on five lines with a bet that is 5 times higher than the minimum on each of them.

By the way, the more often the Book of Ra symbol appears on the screen, the higher the chance of starting an additional game is.

Rock Сlimber

The secret of the Rock Climber slot machine, like most slot machines, is in the bonus. The bonus round becomes available to the user when three simple pictures called “hook and rope” appear on the screen. In the side game, you need to guess the correct ropes to get to the top and win. First, you need to select the second rope from the right, then, the third from the right, then, the second from the left, and finally, the first from the right. In case of failure, Bigfoot appears and hits the hero on the head.

The doubling of the winnings here is the same as in many other slots. To double the prize, you must defeat the dealer in cards. The character must guess a card that is higher than that of the opponent (the second card from the left or the first one from the right).


Some of the features of slot machines for money described above are an additional chance to hit the jackpot, to become a happy owner of a win in a casino. Other slots do have bugs useful for players. There are also some successful patterns that have been tested by many players.

Sign up to reliable sites, choose slots and use these little tricks to enjoy the slot. But remember – they won’t help if you bet with scammers! Pay attention to the section with casinos for money – it is worth trying out any of the strategies in practice!

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